Throughout 2020 (as well as before and presumably after) I’ve been reading a range of online articles and essays – both fannish and not – to inform, expand or challenge my understanding of a range of intersectional issues in India and abroad. I’ve included some of these essays as the texts I recommend to some of my co-participants. But largely, they’ve supplemented the Intersectionality Book list in identifying my biases and problematising my assumptions. As with the book list, I’ll be adding articles to this section of the website at the very least until the end of my PhD project in the hopes that it not only acts as a resource for my future self but for anybody else who shares my interests too. Just to provide a semblance of structure, I’ve grouped articles under larger umbrella themes. However, these are imperfect and sometimes incomplete (when the article overlaps across several different categories) so please bear that in mind if you do choose to follow them.


The Fandom of the Teenage Girl Deserves More Respect

Tyranny of Obedience



India’s engineers have thrived in Silicon Valley. So has its caste system.



A city missing its migrants: In Mumbai, the loss of labourers affects small businesses too

As Jaipur Govt Schools Fail to Engage Students Online, Children Go Out to Work

Economics for the people

No Data

Social Media Influencers: Serving Classism, Selective Feminism & Monolithic Nationalism



How long Covid forced me to confront my past and my identity



Prehistoric female hunter discovery upends gender role assumptions

Searching for Body Positivity in Fantasy

Unquiet spirits: the lost female ghost-story writers returning to haunt us

Why doing nothing is a radical act for India’s women – photo essay



Horns, Feathers, and Scales: Reclaiming Genderqueer Monstrousness

In Jo’s Image



The Weather is Now Political



John Boyega: ‘I’m the only cast member whose experience of Star Wars was based on their race’



Christians were strangers

Evangelicals are looking for answers online. They’re finding QAnon instead.

Fiddling while Rome converts

How Black Lives Matter Is Changing the Church


Yoda Was My First Rabbi


In Conversation: Rebecca Sugar and Noelle Stevenson