The day before recording the pilot episode of the podcast with my co-hosts, we decided to do a technical test run in an effort to deal with any technological challenges. Before we met on Skype, I spent a day and a half going through podcasting courses on Skillshare; some ended up being more relevant than others. However, as someone who has no experience with podcasts (beyond listening to them), I gleaned several helpful tips from the various videos and it helped boost my overall sense of confidence in experimenting with a new kind of media. The website offers a two-month free trial so if you’re thinking of making a podcast but have no idea how to go about it, I’d highly recommend looking up courses there.

Some of the things I discovered during my technical research:

1) Turn off the video feature to improve the line quality while recording on Skype.

2) You can record on Skype and edit on a free software called Audacity.

3) SoundCloud is only free for hosting 3 hours of audio, after which you need to subscribe to  SoundCloud Pro. I’m currently using Anchor as a backup to SoundCloud and I’m in the process of applying to my university for funding for a 3-year subscription.

Some of the things I discovered after the test-run:

1) Everyone seems to hate the sound of their own voice. It’s fine!

2) It helps for both the host and the guest to record the conversation. The subsequent two files can be combined on Audacity for a better quality of audio.

3) Most of the courses suggested investing in a USB microphone. However, either a smartphone or a laptop’s inbuilt microphone in a quiet room work pretty well too. (The phone worked better than the laptop for my co-hosts. I’m using my boyfriend’s cheap gaming headset with an attached micrphone)